Bihar RTO registration number search

Bihar RTO registration numbers search

The Bihar “Parvahan Vibagh” or the transportation department has a good website up for the basic use of the citizens.  The website gives details about the Key contacts in the department, the Vision for the next 4 years, etc.  There are many services on offer.  You can make tax payments online.   A citizen charter is available which makes the citizen aware about the services, time period, etc. of various services from the department.  There is a very detailed write-up on the objectives, tasks that are performed, expectations from the department, and information on the standard of disposal of work, prescribed time for each service, requisite fee, and tax rates.  An organization chart is available with the high level view of the organization structure.

You can get all the rules and acts from 1966 on from the website.  Further a detailed overview of all the fee structures for various services is also marked up on the site.  Road tax and entry tax related details are also available.  Best practices related to vehicles are published on the site on a regular basis.  There is a detailed directory available giving you the direct contact details of officers.  Various forms can also be downloaded from here.

RTA Bihar vehicle registration number search

The website for the Bihar RTA is . While you can log in there for the above details, the best way to get the Bihar RTA vehicle registration details will be by getting in touch with the concerned RTA in Bihar and making the request through the proper channels.

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