Jharkhand RTO vehicle registration search jhtransport.gov.in

Jharkhand RTO registration numbers search

The Transport Department of Jharkhand is advertised as a department which earns it quite a good amount as revenue.  The department wants to evolve itself as an efficient low cost generator of revenue.  As part of this process, the transportation department is on its path to being digitized and its details being published in the official website of the government. The link to it is http://jhtransport.gov.in/. The department website has various sections. One section is on Tax payment.  You can make online payments.  Details of failed transactions can be checked for.  There are many links which lead to offline printing, balance tax settlement, etc.  There is a separate section for driving license as well.  There is a transportation help desk which helps you to register issues.  You get a ticket number and can come back and check on your registered issues.

jhtransport.gov.in vehicle registration search

Vehicle number registration search Jharkhand RTO

The vehicle numbers for Jharkhand have been digitized and there is provisions for you to search for Jharkhand RTO vehicle registration details by logging into the above website.

After logging in, click on ‘vehicle registration’ under ‘documents’

Now click on ‘vehicle search’

Give the registration number in the field

Give the chassis number last 5 digits if known (optional)

Give the office name if known (optional)

Click on search.  The details of the vehicle will be displayed

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