Karnataka RTO registration number search | rto.kar.nic.in

Karnataka RTO registration number search

The Karnataka government’s transport department has a comprehensive website for all its transport related requirements.  If you go into the website, you will see various services available through this website.  The services include information on road safety related initiatives such as National road safety week, Good Samaritan’s Protection guidelines, etc.  You can understand the process for getting learner’s license and driver’s license, how to get the registration done, how to get a permit, what are the fees, taxes, and fine. There is also information given on how to get a fancy number and the current available fancy numbers with the department.  You can submit online applications for Learner’s license as well as Driver’s license from their website.  There is also an about us page which gives you details of the organization chart, Senior officers and details of the RTO's with address, contact numbers, e-mail, etc.

Karnataka RTO vehicle number search

One of the services that is available online is the process to get the Karnataka RTO vehicle registration details.  This is new process.

1. ) Log in to http://rto.kar.nic.in/index.aspx

2. ) You will land on the home page

3.) Here you will see the index of all the available facilities for Karnataka RTO

4.) In the index there is something called ‘Vehicle Search.’  Click on this link.  The resulting page will give you how to search for the vehicle details

5.) Alternately you can also click on the ‘about us’ link, go to ‘Senior Officers & RTO’ link, find out the details of the required RTO and call them up

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