Madhya Pradesh RTO Vehicle Number Search

Madhya Pradesh RTO registration numbers search

Madhya Pradesh transport department is well on its way to get most of its services on the website and enabled online.  Their website sections its verticals into online services, administrative portal, e-governance, information services (on how to get various things like license, registration certificate, permits, and fitness), a sitemap, and an about us section which gives you details about the department.  There is an online permit application and objection button which takes you to the correct web page for the stated purpose.  There is an online license application section where you can apply for learner’s license and driver’s license and anything associate with this.  You can also register and pay your taxes online. There are provisions by which SMS can be used to get some details from the website.  The SMS message to send and the details that you can get are also given.

MP RTO registration number search

MP RTO vehicle number registration search

Along with the above services, it is quite a headache free process to get the vehicle registration details for MP RTO.  The detailed process is bulleted below

Get to the website

Click on button ‘e-governance’ and then on ‘e-sewa’ from the drop down

On the resultant page, click on the link ‘vehicle registration search

Now you can either give the Registration number or the Engine number, or chassis number and give submit.  If you have the entire details you will get the details of the vehicle alone.  However, if you don’t have the exact details and only in part as in part of the registration number, then you can make changes in the search criterion such as exact search, start with search, anywhere search, or end with search

Click on submit.  If you need to re-enter, click on clear

The details of the vehicle with Owner name, RTO name, etc., will be displayed