Odisha RTO registration number search orissatransport.org

Odisha RTO registration numbers search

The Odisha motor vehicle department has a detailed and comprehensive site enabled for its citizen to interact with and get many vehicles related transactions done online.  Some of the processes that can be done as an online service are as follows.  There is a dealer point registration that helps dealers do things online.  Online tax payment can be also taken up through this website.  We can apply for learners license online.  The instruction towards same are given in detail with screenshots to help the candidate.  Further, you also can apply for driver’s license here.  If you want to get the details of any acts or rules, they are also available online.  Any postal dispatches can also be tracked here.

Odisha RTO vehicle registration number search

Odisha RTO vehicle number search

There would be various reasons that someone would have to get the Odisha RTO vehicle number registration details.

The website for the motor vehicle department has provision for same.  Go through the below steps for that

Step 1 – Go to the link http://as2.ori.nic.in:8080/web/index.jsp

Step 2 – click on the link for MIS portal -> State Register of DL & RC

Step 3 – click on the button Public area

Step 4 – click on ‘click to search VCR’

Step 5 – Select any of the options from the drop down menu Search by ‘Vehicle number wise’ or ‘VCR no. wise’ or ‘chassis no.’

Step 6 – Now give the details as required by the option you have selected.  Along with the details you also have to select the RTO details.  Now click on search and you should be able to get the details as required

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