Rajasthan RTO registration number search transport.rajasthan.gov.in

Rajasthan RTO registration numbers search

The transportation department for Rajasthan is slowly getting digitalized.  As part of it, its website is slowly turning out to be a portal that people turn to for executing and gaining information on various things.  There are many things which are already there which are very helpful.  There is lots of information available.  For example, if you would like information on registration process, on getting temporary registration process, mortgage contract, ownership transfer, changes in the motor vehicle, relocation, renewal of registration, certificate of suitability, cancellation of registration, duplicate registration, NOC, duplicate certificates of suitability, etc., you can get it on the website.  Further, there are facilities for online tax payment for non state vehicles, for online license application, national permit online application.  You can download various forms too from the website.  There is information on road safety which would be interesting and important to read.  Also, the details regarding vehicle taxes and vehicle rentals are published here.  You can download tenders, auctions related forms and get the relevant forms.  Details regarding license related processes are also available.
Rajasthan RTO registration number search

Rajasthan RTO vehicle registration number search

With the help of the national register, Rajasthan is digitizing its vehicle registration details.  If you want to find the details of a vehicle by its registration number, you can use this facility, provided the Rajasthan RTO registration vehicle’s details have been entered in the national register.  For others, you would need to get it from the relevant RTO by directly contacting them.

Log on to http://www.transport.rajasthan.gov.in/content/transportportal/en/transport.html

You may need to translate the text using the browser’s facility if you need to read it in English

Click on ‘National Register’

Click on ‘Vehicle Status’

Enter the vehicle registration number in the field provided and click on ‘search vehicle’

The required details would be displayed

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