RC Delivery Status Telangana

RC Delivery Status Telangana

Owners of the new vehicles, waiting for the RC Book, can find out their Telangana RC Delivery Status from the official website of the Telangana Transport Department. After the temporary registration of the vehicle, they wait for the RC book. Owners of transportation vehicles can extend the validity of the temporary registration by applying to the registration authority in their area. Buses and Lorries are such types of vehicles. However, the RC book is a valuable document as it is the most important document proving the ownership of the vehicle. 

The owners can know their Telangana RTA RC Delivery Status along with other details. The Card Delivery Date, EMS number, RC printed date and Present Status of the RC are the data they can go through on the website. If the card is not delivered or printed, then they can look at the Card Printed and Card Dispatched fields when the details are displayed. For Printed and delivered cards, they can note down the EMS number to check with their area post office and by looking at the delivery date they can find out when the card will be delivered to their address. They can call your local postman or visit the post office.

Steps to to check Vehicle RC delivery status Telangana

For online checking of the Vehicle RC Book Delivery Status Telangana, you will have to walk through the following steps. 


1.Tap on the above link. You can even copy-paste this link.

2. It will take you to the page where you have to select registration number from the first drop-down menu, labelled as Select a Module. 

3.Right below the above-mentioned drop-down menu, there is a second drop-down menu with a label ‘Select Input Type’. From this menu, choose application number or registration number whichever is available to you at the time of checking the Telangana Vehicle RC Delivery Status of your RC book.

4. Depending on what you have selected in the second drop-down menu, the page will ask the same to type in. 

5. Now,  Click on ‘Get Details’. All the details will be filled in the space against the fields below the Get Details button. Read through the information of your RC and find out whether it is delivered or not.

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