TN RTO registration number search

Tamil Nadu RTO registration number search

Sometimes it becomes necessary to search for the registration details of a car for many reasons. Since there are many justifiable reasons for people seeking this information, the Governments of different States have devised details by which the details(Vehicle registration number, Chassis, Engine, make Year) can be acquired.

Of course, the reasons that come up can be varied.  It could be check on the antecedents of a car that has come up for auction or sales. It could be check on details of a car which did not stop after an accident and somebody has noted the number.  It could be because details are sought for checking the details of the owner who has abandoned a car without proper processes.  It could be to find out details of a vehicle involved for illegal purposes.  Funnily, in today’s scenario where people find it difficult to take care of the wastes at home, people have a habit of taking it out in their vehicles and throwing them out at other neighbourhoods.  You can catch the culprits by noting down their number.

Tamil Nadu(TN) RTO vehicle registration details search

The process to get the Tamil Nadu RTO vehicle registration details are pretty straightforward.

• Log in to

• Now access the Contact us link under information services

• You will get a page which helps you search for RTO contact details by district or by zone

• Search for the RTO by either of the options

• Once you get the details of the RTO which you want, dial them up or email them for the required details.

 Tip: The e-mail details also gives you the starting registration details for each RTO which would help you identify which RTO you want to contact based on the registration number for which you want details

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