TS RTO registration number search transport.telangana.gov.in

How to search TS RTO Vehicle Registration Number Details

1. To look for TS Transport Department RTO Registration Number of a particular vehicle, log on to the official website of Telangana Transport www.transport.telangana.gov.in as shown in the picture below.

 2. Click "Registration Number Search" present at right side.

3. After clicking the above button, a new tab would be opened where Services list are displayed. Now Click at " Registration Number Search" which again will redirect you to the Search page named "Telangana Transport Department Online Services"

4. In the "Select Search Element" column, choose any of the options among the below 4 options

   Registration Number, Engine Number, Chasis Number, TR Number

5. Enter your respective No. and Click "Get Data".

TS rto registration number search
TS rto vehicle details search
TS rto registration details
transport.telangana.gov.in registration number details search

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