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Telangana State RTO Registration Number

Telangana State RTO Registration Numbers for your vehicle could be viewed from the TS RTO website. It is illegal to use unregistered vehicles. When you buy a vehicle, the dealer will get you through the process of registration and this it is done in RTO offices of that part of the state where you want to use the vehicle. The Telangana Transport Department has computerized all the offices of RTO in the state and have linked them together for making the process of registration easier for the citizens. Computerization helps in keeping a check on flaws, delays, and hindrances in the registration process.

Checking of TS RTO registration number Status is possible through the online portal of the TS RTO. On the portal, there are links for dealers for them to check for new registration. Computerization has made the process much simpler. Last year the Department introduced an app for the convenience of Telangana. Now they do not have to carry their vehicle documents and license along with them while driving. They can produce those documents in digital through the app before a traffic authority when asked. For using the app, you need to download it and register using your name, email and mobile number. Two versions of apps are accessible for citizens for downloading from the website of TS RTO. One version is for iOS and the other is for Android.

TS RTA registration number status

You can do the TS RTA Registration Numbers Status by following the steps written below.

1. Launch your browser and type in http://www.transport.telangana.gov.in

2. Now, what is before you is the portal. On the right-hand side, you will find a link labeled Status of Registration Numbers. This will take you to check Status of Registration Number Telangana.

3. Area name with dates is put on the website in the form of a link. Click on the area name where your vehicle belongs to and find the available reservation numbers.

4. You need to download it in and look for the TS RTO Reservation numbers done on the present day’s date. The downloaded material is a pdf so you may require a pdf reader to view the document. All the available reservation numbers are in four digits. An R would indicate ‘Already Reserved Number’
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