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West Bengal RTO registration search

The West Bengal RTO’s website is at its nascent stages.  However, there are many information services which are already available on the website.  You can get details about the offices and its structure from the website.  It gives details about the states districts.  It also gives details of the RTO offices.  It educates the public about necessity of registration number for vehicles.  Further information is given on the role of a dealer in registration.  Also, there are details given on the road tax types, where to pay the taxes, rates, modes of payment of tax, etc.  You also get details on getting permits – details such as what is a permit, who should be approached for permits, periods and types of permits, and Role of the STA and RTA on permits.

The citizen are given details on why a driving license is required, how to set up motor driving training schools, and a set of FAQs on licenses, both learners and drivers.  Another details given to the reader is the pollution control norms for vehicles.  There is also a section where you can download various forms – the forms include forms for applying for learners license, driving license, renewal of driving license, addition of new vehicle to driving license, registration of motor vehicle, both private and commercial, renewal of temporary permit, permits, route permits and fitness certificates.  The forms are available in the word and pdf formats.

West Bengal RTO vehicle registration number search, Vahan Search

Since the website (vahan.wb.nic.in) is pretty basic, one way to get the WB RTO registration details would be by contacting the various RTO offices listed on the site.

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