RC delivery status Maharashtra | Check RC Book status online

R C Delivery Status Maharashtra

People can check online the RC delivery status Maharashtra, thanks to Vahan and Sarathi software. Vahan controls all the services of the RTOs from e-challan issuance to vehicle registration related activities. Sarathi is similar to Vahan but holds out few services of RTO compared to Vahan. There has been an extended computerization in RTO's across the country and the authority behind is, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways that introduced the job of computerizing the RTOs to the National Informatics Centre as a part of National E-governance Plan. The Maharashtra Transport Department implements motor vehicle rules to keep up a smooth transport system in state. The department has 61 flying squads patrolling doing their duty and 22 modernized and computerized check posts. 

RC Book delivery status Delivery Status Maharashtra

The website of Maharashtra Road Transport Department has much information on it for public to view and understand. From the website, one can download several forms for applying for a driving license and a few others. However, there are no options to check online the RC book delivery status Maharashtra or any other vehicle-related activities, but it can be checked on the page whose link is given below.

Here are the simple steps involved in finding the delivery status of an RC book of Maharashtra registered vehicle.

1. Open your browser and paste the link  https://parivahan.gov.in/vahanservice/vahan/ui/appl_status/form_appl_regn_status.xhtml on your browser.

2. When the page gets loaded you will find that it will be asking to choose application number or registration number. Radio buttons are provided for both. Choose one of the radio buttons. Select application number if you have applied for RC of a new vehicle and choose registration number otherwise.

4. Enter the required information based on the choice you have made.

5. Now, you can view Vehicle RC delivery status Maharashtra.

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