Tripura RTO registration number search

Tripura RTO Vehicle Registration Number Search

Visit the official website of the Tripura Road Transport Department for online Tripura RTO Vehicle Registration Number Search. The website offers many services of its RTO online. People can search their license or check the status of the application for license through the website. The website offers various other services like license application check, search license,  and a few others. The website is rich in that information for which vehicle owners had to visit the concerned RTO of their area.

There are around eight RTOs in Tripura. From the registration number of a Tripura registered vehicle, anyone could find out to which RTO of the state the vehicle is registered to. A new vehicle is registered in the RTO of that area where the vehicle will be used. To pull up Tripura RTO Vehicle Registration Details of a vehicle, the registration number is required. You need to feed up the registration number in a certain page of the official website. There will also be a necessity to fill in the last five digits of the chassis number of the vehicle.

Tripura RTO Vehicle Number Search

1. Open the website

2. Look for Registration Search below Tax Assessment and Penalty calculation. It is on the left side of the website. Click on it.

3. A new-tab page opens asking you to select the RTO to which the vehicle is registered. A radio button is provided against the RTO offices on the top of the page. Otherwise, you can copy-paste the link

4. After selecting the RTO, enter the registration number and the last five digits of the chassis no of the Tripura registered vehicle to Search Tripura RTO Vehicle Registration. Click Search tab to see the registration details of the vehicle. By clicking Search and Print tab you can print out the details. 

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