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AP Transport Driving License Status 

People in Andhra Pradesh can look for their AP transport driving license status on the website of the Andhra Transport Department. Under the law, it is a punishable offense to drive without a driving license, therefore, it is mandatory to have a proper driving license. In order to apply for a permanent driving license, the individuals have to apply for a driving license first. A transport-driving license is for driving transport vehicles such as a taxi and few others.

Applicants of the permanent driving license will undergo a physical test in driving the type of vehicle they have pointed out in their application form. There is a validity period for permanent licenses. After which the license holders have to renew it. A transport vehicle license is valid up to 20 years or until the license holder attains fifty years of age. Whichever comes earlier is applicable. After applying for renewal, applicants can check AP transport driving license renewal status on the website.

Check Driving License Status AP

When checking the status of the license, it will display the delivery status of the vehicle as well. The steps are simple to check the status of the driving license and the results of the check offer detailed information. The steps are as follows.

1. Use this link https://aptransport.in/APCFSTONLINE/reports/applicationstatussearch.aspx to reach the page for entering the license number or the application number.

2. Against the label, ‘SELECT A MODULE’ choose LICENSE from the drop-down menu, and then select the input type depending on what you have at your hand for checking the status. In the input-type drop-down menu, you fill find three options. They are Driving license number, application number, and LLR number.  

3. The next field will ask you to enter that what you have chosen out of the three options. For instance, if you have chosen application number then you need to enter the application number. Then press ‘GET DETAILS’ button. You will view the AP driving license delivery status online along with other details. Application Number, License/ Registration Number, Present Status, Card Printed & Card Printed Date, Card Dispatched, Card Dispatch Date, and EMS Number are the fields against which the website displays information.

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